Care Ministry


Sunday - 9:30AM 1st Service. 11:00Am 2nd Service. 2:30PM Spanish Service / Saturday - 6:30PM Tagalog Service / WEDNESday - 7PM Prayer Time

The care ministry of lCC Orlando

Mission: To provide a means to improve the spriritual and physical well being of Seniors.

COMMAND CENTER - Phone # to call: 407-382-1016

• Pastors will determine the nature of the call, and will designate/delegate the

Unit that will serve the call.


• Pastor Mac arranges transportation for the Care Ministry. A trip ticket is created

to record the trip for accountability.


• This Unit connects to all church members by sending greeting cards on

occasions like birthdays, get well wishes, expressions of sympathy, birth of a

child, wedding anniversaries, graduation greetings, retirement and other

special occasions.


• This Unit prepares the food or goods to be delivered to a Senior in need.

HOME VISITATION - Nora Ronquillo and Jacqui Lontoc, Leaders

• This Unit visits inactive Senior members, with a purpose of bringing them back

to church. New members are also visited by this Unit for follow-ups.


This Unit creates social activities, to energize Seniors. Activities like singing

praises to the Lord together, picnics, dancing, parties to celebrate, visiting

places, going to the movies, and other wholesome activities. Time for our

Seniors to use their talents in thanksgiving, praising, and glorifying God.

If you have any questions, please send us an email and we would love to connect with you.